FaceBook Integration

There are many reasons you might want to replace Facebook's default review system with ours, these include:

  • Negative Reviews: Reviews with less than 3 stars automatically enter our dispute system. This allows you to turn unhappy customers into happy clients all before a negative review is made public.
  • Fake Reviews: Disgruntled former employees? Non-existing clients? Not with us! Any dispute that goes unresolved in the dispute center (See above) can be escalated to our team. A real human will review the dispute and if deemed not legitimate, we will decline the dispute.
  • Consistancy: Using Repuno on your website? Linking to your public review page? Great! Now the same reviews will appear on your Facebook page.
  • Keep your existing positive reviews: Have reviews already in Facebook? No need to lose them! We can import all of your existing reviews for free.

Step 1: Create a Static HTML tab

Click here to access the Static HTML application. Once on this page, click the large blue 'Add Static HTML to a Page' button.

Select a page that you wish to integrate Repuno on and click 'Add Page Tab'. Once done, you should be presented with a new blank page tab. On this page, click the green 'Edit tab' button.

Step 2: Integrate Repuno into the Static HTML tab

In a new browser window, login to your Repuno dashboard. Once logged in, navigate to: Widgets -> Embedding Your Public Page (Simple)

Scroll to the bottom of this page and copy the integration code in full. Once copied, navigate back to the Static HTML tab and paste in the code copied in the above step and click 'Save & Publish'.

Step 3: Editing tab name and icon

In the same page that you pasted in the integration code (see the steps above), click on the 'Actions' drop down menu and select 'Edit name and image' button.

Click on the blue 'Change Tab Name' button which will prompt you to login with Facebook. Once logged in, you will be able to edit the tab name from 'Welcome' to anything you prefer, for example, 'Reviews'.